Wednesday, October 17, 2012

A New Beginning

I am writing this to basically put my thoughts down somewhere. There will be gramar, spelling and logic issues. (Just giving you a fair warning) The last two years have really been a challenge. I had to transfer out of my home town in April, though that wasn't really a bad thing aside from the fact I wasn't sure I would have a job at all or where I would be going until the last minute, not to mention some great people lost their jobs. With that transfer I had to be separated from my wife and kids for a few months, with an all too short visit thrown in here and there. That is definitely something I would not do again given a choice. Then after getting geared up for a vacation, having to tell the kids we were moving instead was not the greatest day either. My sons amaze me though, they are so strong and loving that they were almost comforting us more than we were them about the whole thing. My eldest was just finishing up his first year of school and had to say good bye to his new friends which was tough to do, but again he is such a strong kid and takes it in stride. In Fall of 2011 my Dad was diagnosed with stage four cancer, whcih I took really hard at first given how aggressive it was. (He is still here as of now and still in good spirits. He just started chemo this month after nine months of trying other methods and diets)In April this year I had to close yet another store and was given a last minute opportunity to continue with the company, but turned them down and moved into a new career. I have been enjoying what I do since and am eager to climb the ladder in this business. We are about to move into a new place and basically start over.... Here...We...Go...

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